July 2006


An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day
It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay
It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late
(Ironic by Alan’s Morissette)
Sometimes I’d be rolling down the freeway in total silence and this song pops in my head, and since there is no one in the car to tell me I’m blowing out their eardrums, I start singing away.
I can totally relate to this song. Since my early twenties a bad streak entered into my life. It was like that old game show, (Let’s Make A Deal ?) you have three doors; Door # 1 opens to reveal a trip to Disney Land, door # 2 opens to reveal a brand new dishwasher and fridge, door #3 is maybe something grander. Since I’ve been to Disney Land several times and a new fridge and dishwasher was not a great need, I select door #3 which open to reveal a large warning sign, but I ignored it and walk through, thinking that everything is going to be grand, but it is not. With this streak came a sort of desperate need to know my future, to see if I could some how finally shed this unlucky streak. So I went to see a psychic, I paid my $20.00 and was told someone put a hex on me. I was so shocked, who would do that?
My mom was with me at the time and tried to convince me it was all-untrue. Over the years, I went to see a few more psychics and all of them said basically the same thing. I went so far as to pay one of them to remove the hex.
Today I was at Moms and Gaytor’s home visiting my little Peacha (doggie) who has been under the weather. Mom and were talking about how some people have their birth date on an unlucky day and that is why their lives are so difficult. Then there is Karma which is, what goes around comes around. Then there are the social economics factors that contribute to a person’s luck. What ever it is, bad luck hits some of us at various times of our lives, some short term others long term. I have learned one very important thing, just stay away from those who hang psychic signs from their window. Use that money to go to Target or put your kid through college.



Today we went to a very nice Restaurant in Napa. It was called Julia Childs. It was my Mom’s choice. She was excited to try this restaurant. Before we got seated we had and opportunity to look at the menu. It was a little on the pricey side ok, it was on the very pricey side. We waited a few minutes before we were seated and argued about finding another place to eat, but just then the hostess came to seat us. As we were discussing what to order the waiter came over and asked if we would like to start on some bottled water before we ordered drinks. Mom said, just regular water is fine. The Waiter said in a really loud voice, all right you want TAP WATER. Now what is wrong with tap water?

Every time I go to a restaurant, I just like to drink water; I don’t like sodas or alcohol. Once in a blue moon if it is early I will order ice tea, but only if it is an early lunch, I’m super sensitive to caffeine. Well, you always get the worst service if you just want water. I’d sooner spend my money on appetizers, or dessert. In the pass when we all say water is what we like, the servers’ look at us like we are cheap and the service goes down the drain at that point. I refuse to change my likes for possibly better service.

The waiter brought over these small wine glasses with tap water in them. I noticed most of the people on the other tables ordered bottle water and got these nice water goblets. We all decided what we wanted and waited and waited for the waiter to return. I could see him walking around to his tables checking on his customers, at one point I saw him standing at the front of the restaurant just looking around. At our table a slow grumbling started which escalated to a unanimous lets get out of here. We got up and left. On the way out the hostess, looked at us puzzled and Mom said your service is lousy particularly your waiter. SCORE!!! We ended up eating somewhere else where the food and service was mediocre, but we were so hungry it did not matter. As we were driving home I saw a Safeway and thought, hum we could of gotten a deli sandwich, soup with a choice of dessert and when we checked out, a warm hearted Thank you Ms. Lalunas have a great day.


This is for Tori Spelling who only inherited $800.000 dollars and now has to shop at thrifts shop in Canada because you get more for the US dollar, all thanks to her Mom, Candy. Also I would like to include Oprah who is on a no white flour or sugar, reduce calorie, no complex carb diet and was just labeled as gay with her best friend Gayle. The following CAKE recipe made and consumed will sure bring a smile to your sad face.

Chocolate Cake to Die For


I pkg of Regular Duncan Heines Chocolate Cake Mix (Betty Crocker falls apart)

1 pkg of instant chocolate pudding

1 cup sour cream

4 eggs

1 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup warm water

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix altogether and bake at 350 degree for 55 minutes in bundt cake pan. You can make cup cake and a regular layered cake with this recipe; just reduce bake time as per the mix box directions. Don’t forget to do the toothpick test to see if it is finished.

Frost with favorite chocolate frosting mix, or you can dust with powder sugar.

Does that sound rich? Boy oh boy is it great…


Last week, with all the hype of the launching of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the return of the Shuttle and crew safely, the New York Times ran an article on the Change of NASA’s Mission Statement. I thought the article was odd, so I launched on an exploration myself consulting the all-infinite World Wide Web. Well, it was safer that being in the shuttle and having a piece of foam insulation fall off a bracket that held the fuel line in place. At least I did not run the risk of bursting into flames before coming back to home planet.“NASA quietly had its mission statement changed last February by the White House, who deleted the phrase, to understand and protect our home planet.” NASA scientists were surprised to learn of the change. Without it, these scientists say, there will be far less incentive to pursue projects to improve understanding of terrestrial problems like climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.”

NASA Mission Statement

  • To advance and communicate scientific knowledge and understanding of the earth, the solar system, and the universe.
  • To advance human exploration, use, and development of space.
  • To research, develop, verify, and transfer advanced aeronautics and space technologies.

Green house effect and gas emissions… In my little neighborhood where the temperatures have soared over the 110 degrees, and it has not just been hot in CA. You have to wonder what is going on? Is the Earth worse off than the public thinks. Have we just totally damaged this beautiful planet and there is no way to repair it? Is the White House thinking well lets just find a new planet and start over, pollute that and move on? The reason why I say that is because we have already left junk on the Moon and Mars and probably other places that I am not aware of. So where do we go from here? I am all for repairing what we have done to Mother Earth and being respectful when we visit other planets, clean up after ourselves. After all isn’t that what our Mamas have been telling us for years now.


Last Friday we went to see Lady In The Water. All the reviews that I have read and heard were not favorable about this movie. I am a big fan of M. Night. He is really creative and has a quirky sense of humor. I went in the theater thinking ok this is going to be a bad. I was very surprised on how much we enjoyed the movie. It was based on a folk tale, about these water species, and their purpose. This man finds the lady in the water and helps her accomplish her purpose. There is not anything out in the theater like this movie. It had the occasionally thrill, and very little blood. It is a human interests story mainly about people coming out of their shells and getting to know one another. That is how I viewed it. You know I am a big advocate for lets all be friendly towards one another. The theater was full for a 3pm showing, so I know there must be other people out there who want more the “You, me and Duprey”, and “Clerk II”. Those are mindless to me and I can wait for Netflicks to send them to me later, maybe. I don’t know lately I have been really disappointed in the kind of movies they are trying to make us pay $9- $11 or $6-$7 matinee. It ‘s just a lot of blood and guts, super human beings pulverized and still getting up to flight more; Evil beings taking over the world, or meaningless relationships based on sex and revenge. So whenever I see a movie I like, it is so refreshing, because they are far and few in-between.


4400, I would recommend to all the Sci-fiers.
Net flicks finally sent me a good series. 4400. It is about 4400 people who were abducted by beings from another universe. The abductions took place from 1930’s to present. One day all these people return to earth in a strange ball of light and puff there they were on a Mountainside in Washington State. The government decided to quarantine all these people from all over the world. After six weeks they let them go. All 4400 could remain in the US of A.
First some of them had super human powers. The series is about a government program set up to investigate these 4400 returnees. These returnees are having a very difficult time fitting in.
I was thinking as this DVD was spinning around and around about human and animal behaviors. Why is it that we are so quick to judge people who are a little different in a negative way? Who gave us the power or the authority to do so? When I was in junior high, I did something to this day I really regret. I hung around a group of five girls. We were very close. One day Heidi a bit of a loner came in to join our group. For a whole week she was with us before school, at breaks, lunch and after school she talked all the time and rarely let anyone interject. She would talk about her father and their family activities. Well, when you are that age girls talked about guys, fashions and school stuff. One day, I looked at my friends when Heidi was telling us about a road trip she and her family took. 4 out of 5 of my friends look bored. So I opened my big trap and told her we were bored with her stories and it was not fun hanging out with her. She walked away, and we did not see her much again. Not one of my friends said to me La Luna you are a creep how could you? I wished they would of said hey La Luna go over there and apologize and get her to come back. The sad part was the relief I felt not having to listen to the stories that by then were being repeated. Heidi was different, but not so different. It is just like that saying; if you cut me don’t I bleed too? (Something like that.) Why was it so hard to accept her, maybe after a month she would have calmed down or got bored with us?
Ironically when we first moved to this area we were treated like lepers, you’d think I would have known better from experience.
I was reading once that the worst thing you can do is release an animal into and another area it is not familiar with. Say you have a bird you rescued you nurse it back to good health and released it in another town. That bird would suffer from loneliness. Animals also are very selective. The birds in that area would not welcome the new bird into their bird pack. That bird would feel very alienated, and would have a very difficult time surviving. So what is it that causes species to behave in this unfriendly way?


My brother sings this song every Mother’s day
It goes
M is for the many things that you gave me
O is for the others that you didn’t
M is for the many things that you gave me
O is for the others that you didn’t
Put it altogether and what do you get
Today is MOMO’s birthday. This is the only person that I have known the longest in my life.
Sometimes I driver her crazy, other times I just drive her to her destination.
My mother is a celebrity. There are a lot of people in the area that know her and really are star struck by her presences.  Everything that she sets out to do she does with great success.  My mom is a real gift.  The kind that comes in a beautiful wrapped box with a matching bow.  If you take a peek inside, you will see the gift you need the most. Since mom reads this blog, you need to know that we all love you and you are a beautiful rose in the midst of one thousand thorns.

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