Annalee just loves cake.   qmm7059-1.jpg    She could eat it morning noon and night. Her favorite books were wonderful picture books of cakes. She would check out the TV guide weekly for their cake segments on the food channel. Her parents let her indulge in her unusual fixation. After all it was better than listening to the current music trends over and over again like Annalee brother did day in and day out.

Annalee did odd jobs like mowing lawns, weeding, cleaning dogie doo doo and walking dogs for the neighbors. She would earn real good money for an eleven year old. What Annalee did with her money was really unusual. She visited every bakery and restaurant and try their cakes. She knew where to go for the best and who to avoid for the driest cake.

Annalee’s family planned a vacation accross country to her grandmother. They were planning to drive. Her father posted on the fridge a map with all the places they were going to visit on their way to grandma’s. Annalee studied that map,she wrote down all the stops. She took that info and went off to the town library and did her home work. Using the yellow pages, she found many diners. She wrote down all the diners she wanted to visit for the cake of course and posted it next to her father map on the fridge. She then went to work really hard and earned a good sum of money for the cake journey of her life.

The day came, Annalee father and mom loaded up the car and the whole family started on the journey. Her father was really cool and stopped at every diner on her list. He even stopped at ones that were not on the list and treated Annalee to many pieces of cake. Now you would think this would be cake Heaven for Annalee. But none of those cakes hit the spot. They all lacked that one special ummmph. Now don’t get me wrong the company was great , but the cake was not as good as she had anticipted. Annalee got the opportunity to get to know her siblings really well, some times too well, like her brother’s music was just weird and he never say more that 3 words for some times several hours. Her baby brother must have requested to stop at every public rest room known to man. Her Mother’s singing along with the radio was like being in a time warp. Her father, well he was just perfect, his burps sounded like sonic booms and his laughter was like the best sound on earth.

After 5 whole days they reached grandma’s house. They all unloaded the car and got settled. Grandma called every one to the dinner table. She made the most delicious meal. Annalee begged her dad to take her out for cake. She saw a bakery as they came into town. Her father said that he would think about it. Grandma and her mother cleared the table and her mother brought in cake plates. Annalee eyes became big like moons. Her grand mother brought in a large chocolate cake with frosting smooth as ice. Grandma cut Annalee the first piece. Annalee scoop up a large piece of moist warm aromatic mouth watering chocolate dream and literally inhaled it. It was like she was in heaven. This was the master cake of all cakes. This was it, she had never had a piece of cake this good in her whole life. She had eaten thousands of slices of cake, but this cake put them all to shame. She said, grandma what is in this cake , this is the best. Her Grandma looked into Annalee eyes and said I made it with love Annalee.

Make all your cakes with love and you will never have anything but perfection.


The end