When I was in college, (No the dinosaurs where not around) I had three experiences where a total stranger came up to me calling me by a different name and talking to me like they knew me for years. At first I was thinking maybe they had the right person, but the wrong name. Then each recalled experiences that we had together. That was when I stopped them and told them my name. Each looked at me with shock and said I was a dead ringer for this girl that each knew.
It is said that everyone has someone that looks like him or her in this vast world. No, I don’t mean when your grandma says, oh you look just like your great aunt on your father’s side. I mean currently, to someone you are not related to, maybe even on another continent.
This started me thinking, that maybe this cloning thing is not just recent. May be it has been around for a very long time. Your imagination can go wild with various ideas. But now when you hear your mom say, Oh honey there is no one in the world who is as beautiful as you are. You know otherwise. Oh by the way this would tick off Snow White’s step mother.
The upside of this is that even though someone may look like you, they certainly don’t act or think or feel the way you do. Geese I wonder what my clone is doing now?