Blogucaton: learning to blog
Blogology:study of blogs
Blogetiquette: being a polite blogger
Blogappeal: interesting blog
Blogelation: joy in blogging
Blogesponsible: blogging responsibly
Blogillerate: people who don’t blog
Blogadocious: bragging while blogging
Blogetitious: boring blog
Blogaholic: Addicted to blogging
Blogemotion: when reading a blog you feel happy, sad, mad…
Blogarrhea: when you have a lot to write about
Blogsipation: haven’t blogged for a while
Blogibismo: Cure of blogarrhea
Blogunchies: while blogging you get the munchies

My brother started this dictionary for bloggers and I just came up with more. If you have more blog words please add.