I usually get up early and go for my morning exercise. I am a walker. It is usually before the roads are crowded with commuters. It is so peaceful and beautiful. The birds are singing, the air is fresh and feels clean. There is coolness and stillness to the day. I just walk and feel kind of like an intruder. All of a sudden it seems like humans are not the dominant beings. Mother nature and birds are in power. The two in combo creates a wonderful peaceful moment. It is so enjoyable. There are a few others out walking, and it always amazes me, they always have the warmest cheerful greetings. It is the best way to start the day.
This morning I rode my bicycle. While the work out was a lot better. I missed that peaceful time. It was not quite there when you are peddling and zooming around like a workout fanatic.
When I was a kid, I use to hop on my bike and ride all over Danville. There really wasn’t any hurry to get anywhere. I used to hum and sing, “I ride my bicycle passed your window last night, I roller skated thru your door in delight…” I never wore a helmet, never saw many stop signs, and did not have to worry about a lot of cars driving around. Those were wonderful days to be a kid, freedom to wonder and enjoy. Parents never worried about their children being taken by strangers, The only time we would get in trouble was when we were late for dinner. Now, that same free and peaceful feeling I had when I was a kid riding my bike leisurely, I get walking early in the AM.