Now that I work in a professional office, I have to dress in a somewhat casual business style. So every morning I get up I spend a good amount of time just looking in my closet for that one perfect outfit. I put on and take off sometimes three or four outfits. It does not matter that I wore it last week and it looked great, today it looks like I gained 20 pounds with it on. My hair has to be just right, the make up has to be applied, because for goodness sake you should not leave the house without makeup on. You walk out into the world feeling like you stepped out of a fashion magazine, and what happens? No one notices. You are just the worker that sits in your cubical and does your work. No one comment, gee that is a nice outfit! So I think to myself, I should not have wasted my time this morning picking out the perfect thing and primping and fussing with hair and makeup. I should have sat and read the paper, and had a leisurely breakfast. I remember once I went out and got a really nice haircut. I thought oh my, I look different; I’m like one of those people who had a makeover like on TV. I went to work and no one said a thing. A few weeks later someone said oh your hair looks good today. I come to the conclusion that the only people, who care how I look, are me, myself and I. Sounds harsh? Well, I think we dress to please ourselves. My mother once commented if you want guys to notice you, put on a nice dress and doll yourself up. On a Saturday, I did just that, I step out and went shopping all over the place. The only men who I saw looking at me were men that maybe appreciated well-dressed women; they were older men in their late sixties and early seventies. I now notice my daughters doing the same thing. Each spends time, my youngest a lot of time in their closet looking for the one perfect outfit. I try to make a comment on it. Even though they come up with humdingers. Then I wonder do I walk out of the house wearing a humdinger outfits?