We seemed to have acquired a black cat.  Someone left him behind when they moved. (bad ) My daughters call him different names.  Currently he is known as E-gis.  He cannot come inside; we have birds that spend most of the day out of their cages.  So he is an outdoor cat.  He is getting older and has seen may cat fights.  It seems like most of the times I am patching him up.  He is really good about it.  Yesterday afternoon I was out feeding him and I thought while he was eating I would spread a little catnip in a remote corner of the back garden.  It was an instant zing to him.  I saw him stop eating and start smelling the air. He did a b-line to the catnip and proceeded to go crazy.  Now, I thought food would take preference, but catnip does.  Later in the night I saw another cathead to that same area and proceeded to go crazy.  This morning another cat came in the back yard and headed to the same spot and went crazy.  How long does catnip last? I though E-gis pretty much ate and rolled away all the catnip.
I read today that they have trained dogs for mental disorders. It was in People magazine.  These dogs are with their people 24 hours a day.  The can smell bipolar, or agoraphobic,
or manic attack 10 to 15 minutes before it happens.  They are trained to nudge their people before the attacks hit.  The people proceed to take medications that the dogs carry in a pack they wear on their backs.
How would it be to have that keen sense of smell?  It seems like we are one of the few species that does not have the acute sense of smell.