Did you know that humans have one of the largest brains and the larger an animal’s brain size, the larger their social pool should be?

These days when you meet someone new lets say at a work place, or class that you are taking; you strike up a conversation and realize hey, I have something in common with this person. Over the weeks a friendship is maintained, may be you have lunch together. Then the class ends or you are transferred to a different department, or job for that matter. At first you manage to keep in touch, but then all of a sudden that person is gone from your life. Or another case scenario you make many attempts to stay in touch and then you realize it is just a one way thing and then you give up.

Why does it have to be this way? I hear people say they are so busy, there is no time.

Time is always used as an excuse and I am not able to accept that excuse anymore.

My theory is that we live in a throw away society. We are able to get new anything, and that includes friendships. So not a lot of value is placed on one of the most valuable things, friendship…Which is really a relationship with someone. Of course there are a few exceptions, where the friendship last through thick and thin. I have come to believe that if you have really close friendships they were developed before you graduated from college. It is so important for any species on this earth to have closeness with another. Maybe that is why there is such need for counseling and antidepressants. I hate sounding like a whiner, ok , I’ll sound like a whiner.