I just love TV.  I can tune in anytime of the day or night and watch some thing totally mindless.  Right now the Middle East is chaotic mess.  I should be watching the news, and keep up to date on the bombings and how many people died or were injured; But instead I am totally interested in Shania Twain’s recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches, or Mad About You. How deeply annoying is Jamie and Paul just takes it all.  I always wonder how he can put up with her? I would have been a lot less annoying partner for him.
The Brady Bunch was always a favorite.  When I was a kid, the Brady Bunch would be on once a week.  My brothers and I would be glued to the TV for a half hour keeping up with the Brady kids exciting life.  I would secretly wish that the Brady Bunch would be on everyday.  Guess what my wish came true, the Bradys’ are on several times a day. Even though Jan was a nerd, I always related to her and thought she was more interesting than Marcia.  Cindy was just a spoiled brat.  Bobbie was a dork, Greg was a hunk wannabe and Peter was the one I liked.  May be I related to Jan and Peter because they were middle children, and I am too.  Fascinating, I will have to test out my theory on PK and my older brother. Now Peter is the big man on TV, married to that top model Adriane, and personally I give that marriage several months before they call it quits.  Those two have as much in common as a tree and a doorbell.  I saw Greg now all grown up, the other night, trying to live out his fantasy of being a pitcher for a major league baseball team.  That was boring. If someone came up with a test to measure your intelligent by what you watch on TV, I dread to see my score.