4400, I would recommend to all the Sci-fiers.
Net flicks finally sent me a good series. 4400. It is about 4400 people who were abducted by beings from another universe. The abductions took place from 1930’s to present. One day all these people return to earth in a strange ball of light and puff there they were on a Mountainside in Washington State. The government decided to quarantine all these people from all over the world. After six weeks they let them go. All 4400 could remain in the US of A.
First some of them had super human powers. The series is about a government program set up to investigate these 4400 returnees. These returnees are having a very difficult time fitting in.
I was thinking as this DVD was spinning around and around about human and animal behaviors. Why is it that we are so quick to judge people who are a little different in a negative way? Who gave us the power or the authority to do so? When I was in junior high, I did something to this day I really regret. I hung around a group of five girls. We were very close. One day Heidi a bit of a loner came in to join our group. For a whole week she was with us before school, at breaks, lunch and after school she talked all the time and rarely let anyone interject. She would talk about her father and their family activities. Well, when you are that age girls talked about guys, fashions and school stuff. One day, I looked at my friends when Heidi was telling us about a road trip she and her family took. 4 out of 5 of my friends look bored. So I opened my big trap and told her we were bored with her stories and it was not fun hanging out with her. She walked away, and we did not see her much again. Not one of my friends said to me La Luna you are a creep how could you? I wished they would of said hey La Luna go over there and apologize and get her to come back. The sad part was the relief I felt not having to listen to the stories that by then were being repeated. Heidi was different, but not so different. It is just like that saying; if you cut me don’t I bleed too? (Something like that.) Why was it so hard to accept her, maybe after a month she would have calmed down or got bored with us?
Ironically when we first moved to this area we were treated like lepers, you’d think I would have known better from experience.
I was reading once that the worst thing you can do is release an animal into and another area it is not familiar with. Say you have a bird you rescued you nurse it back to good health and released it in another town. That bird would suffer from loneliness. Animals also are very selective. The birds in that area would not welcome the new bird into their bird pack. That bird would feel very alienated, and would have a very difficult time surviving. So what is it that causes species to behave in this unfriendly way?