Last Friday we went to see Lady In The Water. All the reviews that I have read and heard were not favorable about this movie. I am a big fan of M. Night. He is really creative and has a quirky sense of humor. I went in the theater thinking ok this is going to be a bad. I was very surprised on how much we enjoyed the movie. It was based on a folk tale, about these water species, and their purpose. This man finds the lady in the water and helps her accomplish her purpose. There is not anything out in the theater like this movie. It had the occasionally thrill, and very little blood. It is a human interests story mainly about people coming out of their shells and getting to know one another. That is how I viewed it. You know I am a big advocate for lets all be friendly towards one another. The theater was full for a 3pm showing, so I know there must be other people out there who want more the “You, me and Duprey”, and “Clerk II”. Those are mindless to me and I can wait for Netflicks to send them to me later, maybe. I don’t know lately I have been really disappointed in the kind of movies they are trying to make us pay $9- $11 or $6-$7 matinee. It ‘s just a lot of blood and guts, super human beings pulverized and still getting up to flight more; Evil beings taking over the world, or meaningless relationships based on sex and revenge. So whenever I see a movie I like, it is so refreshing, because they are far and few in-between.