Today we went to a very nice Restaurant in Napa. It was called Julia Childs. It was my Mom’s choice. She was excited to try this restaurant. Before we got seated we had and opportunity to look at the menu. It was a little on the pricey side ok, it was on the very pricey side. We waited a few minutes before we were seated and argued about finding another place to eat, but just then the hostess came to seat us. As we were discussing what to order the waiter came over and asked if we would like to start on some bottled water before we ordered drinks. Mom said, just regular water is fine. The Waiter said in a really loud voice, all right you want TAP WATER. Now what is wrong with tap water?

Every time I go to a restaurant, I just like to drink water; I don’t like sodas or alcohol. Once in a blue moon if it is early I will order ice tea, but only if it is an early lunch, I’m super sensitive to caffeine. Well, you always get the worst service if you just want water. I’d sooner spend my money on appetizers, or dessert. In the pass when we all say water is what we like, the servers’ look at us like we are cheap and the service goes down the drain at that point. I refuse to change my likes for possibly better service.

The waiter brought over these small wine glasses with tap water in them. I noticed most of the people on the other tables ordered bottle water and got these nice water goblets. We all decided what we wanted and waited and waited for the waiter to return. I could see him walking around to his tables checking on his customers, at one point I saw him standing at the front of the restaurant just looking around. At our table a slow grumbling started which escalated to a unanimous lets get out of here. We got up and left. On the way out the hostess, looked at us puzzled and Mom said your service is lousy particularly your waiter. SCORE!!! We ended up eating somewhere else where the food and service was mediocre, but we were so hungry it did not matter. As we were driving home I saw a Safeway and thought, hum we could of gotten a deli sandwich, soup with a choice of dessert and when we checked out, a warm hearted Thank you Ms. Lalunas have a great day.