An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day
It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay
It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late
(Ironic by Alan’s Morissette)
Sometimes I’d be rolling down the freeway in total silence and this song pops in my head, and since there is no one in the car to tell me I’m blowing out their eardrums, I start singing away.
I can totally relate to this song. Since my early twenties a bad streak entered into my life. It was like that old game show, (Let’s Make A Deal ?) you have three doors; Door # 1 opens to reveal a trip to Disney Land, door # 2 opens to reveal a brand new dishwasher and fridge, door #3 is maybe something grander. Since I’ve been to Disney Land several times and a new fridge and dishwasher was not a great need, I select door #3 which open to reveal a large warning sign, but I ignored it and walk through, thinking that everything is going to be grand, but it is not. With this streak came a sort of desperate need to know my future, to see if I could some how finally shed this unlucky streak. So I went to see a psychic, I paid my $20.00 and was told someone put a hex on me. I was so shocked, who would do that?
My mom was with me at the time and tried to convince me it was all-untrue. Over the years, I went to see a few more psychics and all of them said basically the same thing. I went so far as to pay one of them to remove the hex.
Today I was at Moms and Gaytor’s home visiting my little Peacha (doggie) who has been under the weather. Mom and were talking about how some people have their birth date on an unlucky day and that is why their lives are so difficult. Then there is Karma which is, what goes around comes around. Then there are the social economics factors that contribute to a person’s luck. What ever it is, bad luck hits some of us at various times of our lives, some short term others long term. I have learned one very important thing, just stay away from those who hang psychic signs from their window. Use that money to go to Target or put your kid through college.