I wonder if Angelina Jolie sits around in her PJ’s until 12:00 pm and then decides to get up and visits her kids?

I wonder if the Cruises take turns getting up at night to fed baby Suri?

I wonder if Heidi Klum looks at herself in the mirror and says, gee I look fat, and heads for the kitchen to eat a hot fudge sundae.

I wonder if Mel Gibson planned his DUI to promote something new he is working on.

I wonder if Paul McCartney almost ex-wife had preplanned marrying him, having his baby and then walking away with half of his worth?

I wonder if that new fat vaccination the news is running today, (it reduces the amount of food one consumes) will be a standard vaccination like Rubella?

I wonder if Bipolar really means a polar bear that likes boys and girls polar bears?

I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies’ plan is to make every human addicted to drugs so they can continue to their rise in riches?

I wonder why oil is so important that we would kill innocent people and animals for it?

I wonder why we work so hard for so little in return?

I can wonder forever about things, but I am not being paid for it, so I better get back to work.

I wonder what everybody else is wondering about?