Caution the following Stories are true

In Australia a man drives right into a house specifically the couple’s bedroom misses the sleeping couple bed by a few inches. He gets out of the car and walks into the couple’s kitchen opened the fridge and pulls out a cold beer. He walks back into the couples bedroom and said, “ Its beer time, cause I know I’m going to jail.”

A couple got wasted one night drinking. The husband went into the kitchen and returned with a knife. He said to his wife, I dare you to stab me. The wife took the knife and stabbed him. He died a few hours later.

Two buddies were drinking scotch, they both had way too much. One guy said to his friend, I bet you $2300.00 that you can’t get a knife and cut off you penis. The guy got a knife a proceeded to cut. The friend followed the ambulance into the ER with a baggie containing the severed part. After surgery for reattachment the doctors told the cutter you might possibly have feeling in your penis in 9 months to a year. But, hey at least you won $2300.00.
After I heard these stories I started thinking about all the stupid things people do, With a little help from J, I spent a good hour reading from the website,

After a good dose of Darwin award winners, I actually felt a little smarter, and amused