For the last two days, I have been traveling up to Sacramento area; it is about a 100 miles or so, one way. My dad’s mother who lives in Wisconsin only drives around in the town she lives in. She thinks driving 14 miles is equivalent to driving across the country.
I am being trained to another level at my job. Yesterday I arrived at the Corp. office around 10:15 am. I was so excited to meet all these people I have only emailed and talk to on the phone. Well, it must have been an off day for the Corp office, only one person was socialable I sat with two people for only two hours as they whirled their way through a special made company software. I could not take notes or keep up with the speed and efficiency they had. After two hours it was lunchtime. They were deciding where to go, when the supervisor turned to me and said, ok laluna you can go home. I must of look like a deer verses headlights. I said, ummm, I could stay and learn some more if you like. She said no, just come back tomorrow. I said, I’ll come in really early tomorrow, so I can stay longer and get some more experience under my belt. I went home and made a bunch of cookies to take back to the team that was training me.
Today I got on the road at 6am. I hit traffic about 15 miles before my destination, the kind where you move along at max speed 5 miles an hour. I kept switching the radio station because all I was hearing were commercials with breaks of stupid songs. You know all the DJ have the same thing to say. I swear I was listening to one of the DJ’s, PY works with she was talking about things women like. I got tired of that and turned it to the Eagle and the DJ was saying the exact same thing word for word.
As soon as I got to the Corp office and sat down, it was breakfast break time. I followed the group out for coffee and breakfast items, then bathroom break and now back to work. Oh goodie, goodie I was like a dog just waiting for my master to throw the ball. Ugh, I sat and waited for her to finish what she was doing, make a few calls and received a few calls in between she threw in a few tid-bits of the job. I was then told to go sit with another person, there I received one good hour of learning. Then it was cigarette break time, followed by bathroom break. One unusual thing happened while we were outside on break, this wild turkey came over checked us out and took off. Now Corp office is in the middle of a huge industrial park. Big high rise buildings everywhere, with nice business landscapes. Go figure.
We went back in and I was all ready to learn when the supervisor came over and said, I can go home. Geese it is only 11:00am. “She said you can start tomorrow doing your new job” I replied “huh??? “ She said just call with your questions. To add insult to that the cookies I passed out individually packed, were never touched. I went home feeling like my glass was half empty, so I stopped by at the Outlets and shopped my head off. Yeah, I felt better.