It is so nice not to have to cook. The convenience of going out to a restaurant and being seated and waited on and magically your order of choice appears.
Last night we went to Chevys in San Ramon. We entered the establishment and no one was waiting to be seated. The hostess said one moment we are blablablabla a table. I could not understand what she said. So we waited. A large party of people came and she gave her assistant menus and for them and they were seated. big S is said to me let’s leave. Another large party came in and was seated. Then it was crowded suddenly. She looked at us and said can I help you. I said you could seat us, you asked us to wait and we did. Oh, she apologized. It seemed to me this young twit had a brain fart the moment we entered through the door. We had a little Spanish server. She was so nice. I turned to big Sis and said she now the service is great. Big Sis looked at me skeptically. The nice server brought our food quickly warning us the plates a hot. I smiled at Big Sis that sly way to tell her I told you so, she did not notice. We had very large plates and the food was a very small portion, kind of looked odd. The cheese was not really melted on my enchilada. We did not get the correct beans we order. But hey the service was good. I looked over at Chee and was picking out very rare beef out of her tacos. We are not rare meat eaters. Hey no problem, I ‘ll just tell the nice waitress. The waitress took the plate back to the kitchen. A thought struck me; I hope the cooks do not sabotage her food because they are mad that I asked them to cook the meat.
After dinner we came home. Chee was not feeling well. She said her stomach hurt really badly. She took the anti acids and seltzer water and went to bed. I looked in on her before I went to sleep and she was snug like a bug on a rug. Well, I checked out for the night. Chee got up about and hour later and got very sick, six times over the next three hours. She is lucky her Big sister is a night owl. She was sympathetic. Me, I slept through the whole ordeal being half deaf. Bad, bad, bad Mama! Never heard a thing. Chee said she was afraid to wake me cause I startle so easily, and jump up like ninja turtle ready to defend. Why can’t I be a normal person, who quietly rises and takes care of things like a Stepford mommy?
I should call Chevy’s and give them a piece of my mind for poisoning my daughter, or get big Sis to help me, cause when she gets mad she gets mad. Me, I am just a big sap might end up saying something stupid, like sorry to be complaining… Next time I will listen to Big Sis…