We were in Berkeley on Spear the Air day, when you can ride BART for free. Chee and I went to meet Big Sis after her class. One thing about riding BART on free days, is you get an influx of weird cheap people, kind of like us a little. Chee and I were riding up the escalator and there was this guy that was standing so close to me we could have been Siamese twins, I couldn’t move forward or backwards. Chee was directly in front of this man. When we go off the escalator and Chee said to me, that man kept rubbing my leg. I said oh my gosh, he was getting cheep thrills, cause while he’s rubbing your leg he pasted himself to me. We laughed and tried to shake off that gross feeling. We were walking up through campus and my cell phone rang. It was Big Sis, she was wondering where we were wondering around. I’m talking to Big Sis and I hear some guy rapping some lewd stuff. I turn to Chee to ask her where the heck was that coming from, and there was a college age light skin dredges down to his waist black guy rapping to Chee. What the hell! Big Sis warned us prior, what ever you do, don’t talk to any weirdos. I picked up the pace and Chee kept up with me, The rapping guy started incorporating in his rap to slow down lady, tell me your name and let me stretch your laughy taffy, come home with me and you wouldn’t be sorry, I was ready to belt him one when he stopped and bent over with exhaustion. I said look at it this way, we have something amusing tell Big Sis. We are all hungry and as usual we have this major problem picking a place to eat. We heard about this pizza place that serve pizza by the slices, Big Sis says its suppose to be cheap and really good. We got our slices and sat down. It was so dirty; they hadn’t cleaned the tables off in a while. I remember why I never cared for that part of Berkeley. We were eating and this man comes up to us. He stinks so bad and asks us to please buy him a pizza. He says he is so hungry. So I gave him some money for pizza, he graciously thanks us and walks straight out the door. Two kids looked at us and laughed. Hey I know, I can read minds, I have sucker written on my forehead. Needless to say, I am ready to leave, We dumped our pizza which really is a piece of raw dough covered with greece disguised as cheese and walk back to BART for our big free ride home.
We always try to get on BART for the free rides. You would think we would wise up. Last time Chee and I went into the city it was wall-to-wall people. It was like Disney Land in the middle of summer for one day. We didn’t even have to walk; we were pushed down the streets by the crowd. Needless to say the older I get the more allergic to crowds I become. It is like I am crawling out of my skins. Maybe that is a side effect to getting older. That was a very short outing. The next day I heard on the news that many people who were interviewed that use transit system daily said they are just going to drive and get away from the city on the next Spare the Air Day.