Last night we were watching The Closer on TNT.  It brought up a controversial situation.  This young child died, in surgery.  The mother was hysterical.  They suspect the mother had the Munchausen’s syndrome:
The child had been in and out of the emergency room for some time.  On the day of his death, he was admitted through the ER vomiting blood.  The doctor on call was going to scope the child so see why he was bleeding.  The doctor ran the usual blood work prior to the procedure and did not wait for the results.  He took the kid into the lab for the procedure. During the procedure the esophagus tore and the child bleed out.  If the doctor had waited for the lab results to come back.  It would have been discovered the child had a problem with his blood clotting.  It was an unusual disorder that the child had no history of.  The child was whisked away to emergency surgery and the surgeon pretended to fix the tear.   He knew the boy deprived of oxygen for 4.5 minutes.  If he did fix the injury and brought the child back, the child would have been a completed vegetable.  So he played God and let the little one go. It was brought out that the original doctor who did the scope was one duty for over 24 hours and was on his way out the door when this little boy came in.  He just wanted to sleep.  They found this out because the Mom was an over protective mother who was medical person.  She donated her son’s body to the local University, snuck in and did her own autopsy on her son, she discovery that her son’s esophagus only had two sutures instead of eight. The DA said they could not prosecute the doctors for murder, it is just malpractice.  The whole thing was explained to the Mother, and she in turn waited for the Surgeon in the parking lot and shot him to death.
I thought about this and think the Surgeon actions were the best because the result would have been horrendous.
I was pregnant around the same time as another person I knew well.  She went into labor and delivered.  The baby was born dead with the cord around her neck.  The doctor brought the little baby back.  He knew that the baby would have major problems because she was oxygen deprived for too long.  This couple had so many problems with the little baby.  They could not afford the medical bills that were plying up, because the baby had so many health problems. I heard years later that the couple got a divorce and file for bankrupt.  She was left to take care of the child herself.  She got a lawyer and sued the doctor and was awarded 1 million dollars.  Back in the 80’s that was a gold mine.  But you and I know that the amount would never last for the life of the child.  I lost touch with her. I have seen so many situations that were similar.  So who can play God so to speak whatever decision is made it will be a damn if you do damn if you don’t situation