Liquid bombs, crazy people and planes, are not a good combination.
The targets of this particular attack are United, American and Northwest Airlines. All are American businesses
My little brain started turning and I came up with a possible answer to this madness.
USA is the most powerful nation. What is constitutes power, money. How do you remove the power, take away the money.

Tourism is a huge industry, brings in beaucoup bucks. Once you make people fearful to use American carriers or visit American that would cause bankruptcy. Next, US has the largest debt ever recorded. We are spending unbelievable amounts be involved in this war. I saw that the US is 8.4 trillion dollars in debt. I wonder what comes after trillion? I never thought beyond billion. I cannot even fathom a trillion dollars. Hey the most expensive thing at target is probably tops the high $300.00, and that is during the beginning of summer. (The large screened patio tents). See how small I think.
Through out time great nations were only powerful for so long, before being over thrown by another powerful nation. My simple mind equates this power thing to a card game, if you know how to play the game, you can eventually win, until a more skillful player comes along. I don’t think US has the skill it once had, because from my view we are not doing very well in this card game
It you remove the P from Power and replace it with a C you get cower. Which is what the citizens are doing now. We have become a nation of fear.