The other day I was over at Macy’s looking at the new Fall collection.

I picked out a nice blouse and visually thought it was my size.  I looked at the price and happen to notice the size.  It was a larger one than I usually wear, and I thought no this must be miss sized. As I walked around the store, I realized the medium sizes look X-small the large size looked small/medium and the x-large size was maybe a medium large.  What the heck!!!!  These darn fashion people are messing with my head. What is happening? They and I don’t really know who they are, years ago they started this scaling down with the sizes, in belief that the public would think something like this; hey I use to be a medium now I am large I need to loose weight.  Thus start this dramatic effort to get the American people to diet, because we as a nation are basically to fat, we are bombarded with the loose weight commercials, magazine, news paper articles, doctors, nutritionists reports and the list goes on.  I started to believe that the food manufactures were adding chemicals in our food that cause this tendency to be heavier.

Oh but, wait….

An article in the New York Times on obesity opened a new insight into this bulge war.


Biologist are looking beyond diet and genes to intestinal microbes, virus and other bugs the causes the unnatural weight gain.

While we are in our mama’s tummy we are free from all intestinal microbes.  It is after birth that we pick up the microbes. Gut microflora, exist in our intestinal tract, and work as a collective, essentially as a single intelligence. Theirs is a complicated job, which I will not go into that, but rap I’ll it up in neat little bundle.  These gut microflora decides how may calories we are going to store in fat cells for later use. These gut microflora can be altered through antibiotics, viruses and other bugs.  It is now viewed that those people who really consume an average or much less than average amount of food and gain weight are thought to have a virus or bug in there intestinal track that altered the gut microflora to burn less calories and store more in the fat cells, thus producing obesity. (Try saying that three times really fast.)

Of course the biologist have quite a bit more research to do before figuring out how to remove the viruses or bugs that alters the microflora in our system.  I am looking forward to the day when I can eat normally and not put on excess poundages. So, it is like starting out on a long car trip and I pipe in, are we there yet??? NO. How about now???