I was thinking about my job, and how most days I force myself to come to work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were in a job that they really loved doing? The work hours would go by so fast.

Here is a futuristic Plan…

From the time we were in grade school they would do a study individually to see what each child’s interest was. The children would then be educated in subjects that furthered their interests.

Then when it was college time, the person wouldn’t have to sit around humming and haaing about what they wanted to major in, they wouldn’t have to take courses they had no interest in. After all we forget so much of what is interesting to us. It is already and individually accepted plan.

The person then graduates from college and knows which direction to go. After graduating a job would be waiting, and waaa-laaa, a win- win situation. Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh, and higher education would be free, (well it would come out of our tax dollars.)

Some of Big sis’s friends have graduated from really good Universities and are still out there looking for jobs. Most of them take coffee shop jobs, retail, receptionist, and entry-level office assistant jobs. I am always amazed at these educated kids out there doing whatever job they can, instead of what they studied to be.