The sky is falling the sky is falling.
Some times I feel like a chicken running around, expecting the worst.
What is the worst thing a chicken would think that could happen?                                                             No food, dark sky, no food, dark sky…
What would be the worst thing a human would think that could happen?
No food, dark sky.
It is Sunday night and I have this impending doom feeling hanging over my head. I keep thinking I should get up and take PY and J’s dog for a long walk and this doom feeling will disappear.
One wonderful thing occurred. Today, Chee had a short lunch date with a school chum. So I hung around WC instead of going home and coming back. I ventured into Macy’s. I was browsing around the mature women section. I collected a bunch on items that were 50% off and extra 30% off of that. I took my stuff into the dressing room and tried everything on. I looked like a frumpy middle age female. Ugh!! I put everything back and went over the Calvin and Ralph section. There in middle of a bunch of cute stuff is the be-AU-ti ful blouse I saw last spring. I remember when I saw that blouse I told my mom I’m buying it and I don’t care how much it is. I was walking over to the checkout like a women with a purpose, all of a sudden I caved in and looked at the price. I did a beeline back to where I got it from, put it back and backed away slowly. One hundred and twenty nine dollars, UGH! Today, the same blouse my size was on the 50% + 30% rack. I proudly walked into the fitting room tried it on and it FIT!!!! I went to the cashier and she said where did you find this? She said she wanted it. (Not today cashier lady it is mine!) She told me if I use my Macy’s card I could get another 15% off. Oh Geeeeeeeeeeesh a SALE High. Just thinking about it sends me right back to the SALE high!!!