The other night I was in the mood to watch a good movie.  Lucky thing Netflicks sent us something.  I called the troops to watch the movie 8 Below.  They scattered.  So it was just me and the couch all to myself.  Taking into consideration that I did not read the DVD jacket, I thought it was going to be a story of dogs being the hero of some stupid human stunt.  Well, it was but just not the way my brain was thinking.  I got half way through the movie ok.  But after that I was a basket case.  I was moaning, groaning ,and carrying on.  How could the stupid humans do this to the doggies?  At one point I thought Big sis was going to walk in and turn off the movie.  She kept saying this movie is not for you, or Mom, just don’t watch it anymore. Those poor doggies were out there in the harshest weather trying to survive, the stuff they had to go through.  It was so heartbreaking. When it was over all I could think of was stupid human murderers  One of the doggies did not make it.  Would I recommend this movie?  Well, only if you can take extreme harshness to dogs.