You know when things aren’t going too well, you kind of stay inside of your shell.  Well, I have had the turtle effect for the last couple of days.  Add to that I just realized my last entry did not even post.  Must have been a glitch in the system or something.

I am so glad that it is Friday! 

School started for Chee and she has not been the happiest person.  Last year I planted the seed in her head, maybe you should graduate early.  Why did I do that?  Because, high school has so much peer pressure, if you don’t act, look, or speak a certain way you are SOL.  I was concerned with her mental picture of herself.  This peer pressure is ugly stuff.  It can turn a person inside out.

I went to three different high schools.  After graduating from Junior high it was a rude awakening to find out all my friends were going to another high school due to the area we lived in.  So freshman year for me was a little lonely.  I did survive though; I had lunch with my peanut butter sandwiches.  Sophomore year I met a new girl who was a year older than I, we got along really well, then she up and transferred to the other high school.  Another year alone with my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches didn’t appeal to me, so I asked my mom and she gave the green light to transfer to that other high school.  I was so excited to see my old friends from Junior high.  That did not last too long, in one year we had changed so much we did not have that much in common anymore.  I ended up hanging out with the new girl from my last high school.  She hung out with the Mormons on the hill, but half the time she ended up ditching me.  I did however meet some really good friends from that group.  The summer before my senior year, my Mom remarried and moved to Utah.  I hung out in CA for one semester, my older Bro and I lived with my Pops.  Older Bro left and went to Utah, and a couple months later I followed, which meant a new school, it was fun I must say.  I met some really nice kids.  They were the odd bunch and I fit right in.  I look back on those days and so glad that they are over.

I wanted Chee to have a great experience, but the only way that could happen is if she were a cheerleader, home coming queen, and dating the star of the football team. It seems like the Ra-Ra chicks were ones having the time of their lives.

Big sis had some of the same kind of experiences I did, three different high schools.  Big sis was cut from the same dough I was, she is a tuff cookie. Big Sis’s experiences weren’t all that pretty, but over all she took the ruff stuff and made some great success. I am very proud of her.  Chee is sensitive and wears her heart on her sleeve, but she is mighty intelligent.  She needs to stop worrying about what others may think of her and be mindful that she is a beautiful smart young lady with the ability to do anything she wants.

I wish school could be a good experience for all kids.