It is amazing how much stuff we collect. Every couple of months we go through the closets and clean them out and give away the stuff we haven’t used in a while. It is usually a bag or two of stuff. Today Chee and I were trying to do the laundry and a brain wave hit me. Hey it’s been a while since we did a clean out. So I told Chee to concentrate on her closet while I cleaned out the hall and my closet. We must of spent hours trying on clothes that we had not worn in a while and purses and shoes that were just collecting dust. My hall closet had every blanket and bed spread that I at some point I had thought we would use again some day and we never did, because I went out and bought new stuff. I’ve got to say there is nothing like new stuff. We collected about 9 medium size bags and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Good grief how much stuff do we collect? I go to the stores, thrift shops, regular shops and estate sales, get gifts or hand me down and it all collects in the house. I don’t use it or when I need it, I cannot remember where it is.
I used to work with a lady who wouldn’t come out and admit this, but she was a shop addict. She bought shoes clothes and household items that she never used. Her husband built her a special closet for her shoes and put up shelves in the garage for her shoes. She said that she had hundreds of them. As for clothes, she had storage boxes all over the garage containing clothes that she had never worn with the price tags still on them. She also had this thing about food. She had several freezers full of food and still went out and got more. Recently we went to an estate sale and that person collected dishes because one day she wanted to open up a little shop. She lived a long life and never opened the shop, but her house was stuffed to the brim with dishes.
About ten years ago I went to an estate sale. I entered the house and it was filled with jewelry and a few antique furniture pieces. This older lady was a teacher who spent her money collecting costume jewelry. She had bins, boxes, tables, and drawers full of jewelry, I have never seen so much jewelry in my life and a lot of the jewelry still had the store tags on them. I thought I was a jewelry queen! I went home and got my Mom so she could see the stuff this lady had.
Sometime I will walk out to the complex garbage can and I will find some wonderful things that are real treasure that were barely used and thrown away. Remember the license plates, She who has the most shoes wins, or He who has the most toys wins. Isn’t it amazing we who have so much stuff still find excuses to get more stuff?