Oh that sweet Cookie monster. She is quite a sweetie. Nietzsche Girl was a wonderful companion. She had beautiful blue eyes, one eye half brown. American Indians believe that dogs with blue eyes are special ones to be respected and honored. Nietzsche you are that and so much more.
Stevie brought Nietzsche home from the pound. She was a celebrity dog from the pound. Nietzsche had many names on her wait list of people who wanted to take her home. When it was time to adopt Nietzsche Stevie drove over to the pound really early and waited to be the first in line to claim her. All Stevie’s efforts were million times worth it and more. Stevie brought Nietzsche home and she was stinky and full of matted hair clumps. I gave her a good bath and a fantastic hair cut so when Stevie presented her to Ma and Gaytor, Nietzsche felt and looked like a million bucks.
Some of Nietzsche favorite activities were fetching, going on long walkies, getting petsy and more petsy, eating doggie snacks and cheese, getting her photo taken, sitting out on the drive way watching people and cars go by, being the alpha dog, and 3 minutes after a good wash. (She acted like a little puppy, all giddy.) Some of Nietzsche less favorite things were cats, baths, going to the vet, balloons, fireworks and wrestling with Gaytor.
Nietzsche you are the best loved Cookie in the whole wide world and don’t you ever forget that. You will remain in our hearts and memories until we see you again.