September 2006

Last night we stayed up and watched the Teri Irwin’s interview by Barbara Walters.  After 40 minutes of the interview I turned it off.  Why? Because, every question Barbara asked she did not really let Teri completely answer, and Teri broke down in tear so often, it was heart wrenching.  I went to bed thinking that Teri is so distraught and suffering greatly. I kept thinking about her and the children wishing there was something that could be done to help her.  Big sis told me that a popular Australian persona Ray Martin interviewed Teri.  She said that it was a superior interview.  So today, I Googled the interview.  I must say it painted a whole different picture of Teri situation.  Yes she morns her husband and she did at times become moved with tears, but as a whole she is a strong women with a purpose to carry on the plight of animal conservation.
The interview brought out that Steve Irwin knew that his life was not going to be a long one.  He prepared her and their daughter with this revelation.  He made arrangements for their estate, so Teri would not have to worry about running the business and money issues.   He lived each day to the fullest with tireless energy.  She talked about their fun life and humorous times and Ray Martin did not interrupt, but once and he apologized.  The whole interview gave me a sense of peace.
This got me to thinking.  How much can we believe of what we see on these 20/20 and Date Line kind of shows?  There is so much cutting an editing, that we are left with what’s sensational.  When I was in England and watch the TV news, it seemed like the public got a more rounded coverage of the news.  We here in US get a sliver of what really is happening.
This morning I turned on the news before work to see if the world blew up.
On every single station that had the news running for the 15 minutes I watched, they reported the opening of Bloomingdale’s in SF on Market Street where the old Emporium was intermixed with the war in Middle East.  Now pardon me are those the only things going on in this world?


This evening I had a hankering for the yellow curry at this Thai restaurant in WC.
So we grabbed our purses and went down town.  We were walking by the Star Bucks on Main Street and Duncan Street.  The reason why I was so specific is because there is a Star Buck Coffee shop on every corner, nook and cranny in WC.  Once I wanted a pumpkin scone and went to every single Star Bucks in the down town area and they were all sold out, that is probably because they are so good.
Mom went into this particular Star Bucks and we waited outside.  I was looking in the window at this man inside of Star Bucks.  I swear that guy was Lyle Lovette.  No other guy could look like him, the same weird hair, and unusual features.  I turned to Big sis and said Lyle Lovette is in Star Bucks.  I don’t think she believed me, cause she kept talking. When Mom came out she said,  “Guess who’s is in Star Bucks, Lyle Lovette!”  “He just walked into the bathroom.”  Oh my gosh, Lyle pees at Star Bucks.  Wooow!!!
We continued walking down the street to the Thai restaurant discussing just what Julia Roberts saw in Lyle.


I went to work today.  That was a great accomplishment.
I sat down in my cube.  That was a great effort.
I looked at the pile of work.  I crack a fake smile.
I turned on my computer.  My first attempt at work.
I got up and headed for the door.  A strong magnet pulling me away to sanity
I am one of those people who cannot stand to do the same thing day in and day out. I always marvel at people who come in a sit at their desk and do nothing, day in and day out.  I wish I had that kind of commitment.
I went back to my desk and sat for the next 4 hours doing straight data entry.
The radio kept me sane and then there is the guy with the nice bum who asked me a question.  Well, it is not all that bad.  You just close your eyes and pretend that you are someplace over the rainbow.

While we were down in So Cal we ate at a Persian restaurant.  Chee had this green stew, with rice.  I had chicken kabobs with rice and Big Sis had beef kabobs.  Ex husband had tomatoes and cucumbers with roasted peppers and onions, his two girls had the same thing as big sis did. It was voted the best restaurant in Orange County. It was one of those meals that gave you the worst acid in digestion, and breath.

It could of been worst.  A koala bear cub eats his Mama’s droppings right from the source.

The day before we had a snickers bar cheesecake at the Cheese Cake Factory.  Now that was one of those die and gone to heaven goodie.  The Santa Fe salad was excellent too.

Had a fun filled weekend in Southern Calif.  We so needed the get away.  On the way back this morning I thought I could just stay here, why should I go home? Then I remember the stray cat we take care of, and the two birdies that Mom is bird sitting.

We went boating, beaching, shopping, eating, shopping, Disneying and visiting odd family members.  The seven hours plus drive back we talked about our favorite part of the trip.  Every one said it was the little paddleboat we rented and paddle around Balboa harbor with the big boats whipping by waving warm greetings.  What I really enjoyed were the nice people we met.  From the lady who gave me a free hair trim, to a man with a parrot on a boat, or the really friendly sales person who just wanted to share ideas.  I must say that the people we met were some of the nicest I have had the opportunity to run into for a very long time.  It renewed my thoughts, yeah there are really wonderful people out there.

Now we are home, and the washer and dryer are going, plants are all watered, house is being picked up cat is fed and talked to the birdies are biting and we are back to grind of life.

It is good to have a small vacation, just to be spoiled and enjoy life from a different perspective.

You have heard of people being born under a lucky star?

I think I was born under a weird star.

Today I was coming down a hill, a garbage truck passed me in opposite lane going up the hill. Next thing I know there was a car coming right at me. This Joe decided to past the garbage truck, but did not figure on me being in that lane. I ended up in the ditch and he just looked at me with a sheepish grin and drove on.

A lady at work,was not feeling well and she came to work late. This is not her first time doing that or her last. I do that and the boss is on me a like bees to Kentucy fried chicken.

Another lady only uses Caps when she types at work. They asked her not to and she said that was how she types. They just accepted it.

I was in the department store returning an item. The lady in front of me was also returning an item. Her’s was definitely worn and washed, no tag and all she had was her old credit card statement. The sales lady just took it back without a word. My returns always have to be in perfect shape with the tags still on it and the sales slip in the bag, or else they would not accept it back .

I’ll be looking around for some sales clerk to help me, and all of a sudden a lady will walk into the department and out of thin air a nice sales clerk ask her if she needs any help. In which she replies yeah, I am looking for …

I have had several friends try on-line dating. They have corresponded with “the” guy and end up in very successful relationships. These friends are all relentless in urging me to sign up, and I do and nothing ever happen.

There is more …

But on the other hand I have two of the most wonderful daughters you could imagine,

and a great Mom who came over and cooked us seafood soup today.

I want to know has anyone out their felt like there star is weird?

Have you ever had one of those days were you wake up hungry and you remain that way all day. Today was on of those days. So I came home to grab a bite a before I started the pick up service job. (Where you pick up your child and drive her around to her various activities.) Big Sis was home when I arrived for my snack, and she said that a large limb from the tree in back yard just broke. I thought that was weird, my trees are healthy.
I am one of those people that believe every living thing can feel. You can’t just walk up to a tree and kick it, or rip a branch off of it just because you felt like it. How ever I don’t believe that you have to wait for the fruit to fall off a tree before you can eat it.
I went out to the back yard to check on Mr. O Pear tree. One of the highest branches just broke right about 10 inches from where it branched off. It was hanging there. Great, I though, how are we going to get that to come off. Big Sis and I discussed a rope as a tool. I did not have time to do that, I had to go and do the pick up stuff. I was already heading to the car and Big Sis said that she wanted to come along. When Big Sis got to the car she told me the Manager of the Apartments that are right behind our fence and the President of the Assoc. were looking at my tree and told Big Sis that we had to take care of that in a timely manner because it was a safety issue. What I said, that just happened 1/2 hour ago? Then Big Sis launched into an explanation that the Manager of the apartments and another guy just happened to be standing on the other side of my fence right by the tree when the branch just broke. Lets see this does not take a brain scientist to figure this out. I pull out my little cell and called the Association President and I told him exactly what I thought happened. During the conversation the Association President told me that the Apartment manager said, that he was trimming plants behind my fence when suddenly my tree branch broke.
I am going to say this, that stupid idiot liar Apartment Manager broke my tree branch purposely, because it was hanging over the apartment’s property. Then he has the gall to tell us to take care of the mess, while dragging the Association President into it.
When we got home, we three girls got a rope and pulled down the branch and spend a good couple of hours sawing and cleaning up my poor vandalized innocent tree. Then I gave the tree some vitamins in water because it was probably in shock.

I’ve been watching House from the beginning of the series.  I always like the mystery illness that the four doctors work on every week.  Ok if you want to get technical, occasionally six doctors.  I get all excited when the patient enters the hospital ill, then almost dies with all the extensive test they do on the patient; then the patient takes a turn for the better and is cured.  All this happens in one hour some times it takes two episodes to come up with the answer.  I always marveled at the intelligence these doctors have, spewing out information liked a well-oiled computer.  All these doctors hovering around House like he is a God.  If he says jump, they look at him like he’s crazy and they jump in unison.  If he says do a brain biopsy they argue about it and then they cracks open the patient’s brain.  Every week House gets more and more outrageous.  We the public sits on our comfortable couches eating it all up.  Why, do we like to see people torture die and then comeback to life?  I can only say why I like to watch the show.  Because I can pretend I am a doctor, answering questions and suggesting certain test to cure the patient.  I can do this in my living room, because House cannot belittle me and make me feel like a brainless ninnie.  But in true life when I did that I was reduced to being a speck on the floor.

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