Have you heard of trigger-happy? Well what I would like to describe is some- what similar, remote happy or TV turner happy.  The nice part of being TV turner happy is it is less violent.  You might end up with a conk on the head for not handing over the TV turner but I haven’t really heard of anyone being fatally injured by being TV turner happy.
Last night Big Sis had the TV turner was switching stations faster than I could keep up. (She’s definitely got a case of TV turner happy)   I said how do you know what is on which channel when you turn it so fast? Big Sis replies, it is just commercials.  That is a major sign that my brain is definitely working in slow motion.
Big Sis likes the Hogan knows Best show featuring Hulk’s family.  Last night the Hogan family was having a war with their neighbor.  The issue was that the Hogan’s had too many pets; Mrs. Hogan loves animals.  The Hogan’s have eight dogs, a cockatoo and a rooster that like to hear its voice.
The Hogan’s live in this up up up scale neighborhood. It is beautiful and luxurious.  Why, oh why would you want noisy farm animals in a neighborhood like that?  They do have other houses.   They had to scale down the dog population to 5 living in the house at one time.  So they took 3 dogs over to their summer cottage, which is a Mansion in my book and left them there for the day.  At night they would come back and pick them up and bring home. (I found it strangely unusual that they named one of their dogs Cookie Monster.)  They just re-carpeted their summer home and when they dropped their dogs off they said oh look now you guys have new carpet to poop on.  Huh???  Prior to that statement I blurted out I wonder who cleans up all the dog poop?  Big Sis said, oh they probably have people who do that for them. Yeah they just re-carpet when things get too stinky or when they get tired of playing hopscotch with the poop.  Sometimes I wonder if these movie stars are for real, cause they sure act like they have a screw loose.