Ok will someone tell me what is the importance of Rosie O’Donnell on the View and Katie Couric the new anchor women on CBS?  This morning on the way to work all the DJs were commenting on Katie and how much she boosted the rating. The warmth she exuded and the humble way she came across to her viewers.  On the flip side Rosie on the View stole the show with her open talk of being a lesbian, stories of her children, interjecting out of turn, and criticizing sponsors for cheap gifts they gave for promotion.  According to the papers the viewers ate it up like a hot apple pie ala mode and definitely will be returning for more.
I thumb through the paper bypassing, Iraqis change their names in order stay alive, Illness persisting in the 9/11 workers, African peace keeper threaten to pull out of Iran, and drug resistant TB in South Africa, and fix my eyes right on the Katie and Rosie article.  Why, I am not interested in Bush, congress or republicans, or democrats? Isn’t what is important?
Could it be that the average Joe can only take so much of the violence, illness, death, human indecency and guilt? So we latch onto the trivial stuff like it is a life preserver.
I have this idea that if Katie ran for president and Rosie was Katie’s running mate for vice president would the world run more peacefully? Would we embrace women as equals, would we have a different view on lesbianism?  Would we have fights with words and a few slaps here and there instead of weapons of mass destruction? Would starvation be a thing of the past and having a mammogram be painless?  Would we not have the pharmaceutical companies running the world and instead put millions in research for cures of diseases and use those cures?  How different would things be? Or would it be the same as it is now?