I was watching taped episodes on Saved.  It is a show about EMTs and their adventures.  When it first aired in the beginning of summer it was pretty good, now it is a little out there.
Most shows have this reoccurring theme boy meets girl, gets together and fireworks.  Then oops someone in the relationship does something stupid and they break up.  (It’s not finished.)  Now they lust after each other, and always check up on each other.  They start new relationships and still hunker for the last guy or gal.  We the viewers are all wishing they would get back together because they were made for each other.  But 80% of the time when they interact it is nasty and bitter.  With the new guy or gal everything is honey and roses on the outside, but on the inside they are just using the new person to pass the time.
Well, I watch this enough I begin to think hey this is the norm.  But is it really?
But the big TV and movie writers map it all out for us and we all follow the pattern like robots.
I remember when you declared your love for someone it was a good thing.
Today it is not. The other day I was sitting in my hole in the wall cubical and the guys in the office were teasing this other guy, apparently, this guy had been seeing this girl for 4 months.  They went to Disney Land together for a week, hung out most every night.  Then out of the blue the girl told him she loved him.  Well, what do you think he did? He broke up with her.  He told her that he wanted to be friends with benefits, and not be serious.  Well, excuse me, what kind of ding-dong idea is that.  Whoever came up with friends with benefits stuff anyway? I hear it all the time now. Could it be our brainy –yak writers for TV and movies?
What is a real relationship like anyway? Today, is there such a thing? Maybe my problem is that I have never had a real relationship with a guy.  Because what is real, last, and what is fake tarnishes.  So MR. TV I can never look to you for example, because today all you show me is dysfunctional relationships.
P.S. the 60’s & 70’s had it going with good relationships, Bob and Carol Brady, Darren and Samantha, Ma and Pa Ingalls, Jeannie and Major Nelson