72 hour Kit

I am always attracted to these shows about natural disasters. I guess I have a morbid curiosity. In my little cozy cube I am typing away and on the radio I hear excerpts of 9/11 and it dawns on me the coincident of the subject I am writing. By the way I turned off the radio, because it is upsetting to hear the 9/11 stuff over and over again.

Because of Katrina and the 1906 earthquake and so on and so on, it is now being advised that the American public put together a 72- hour kit of food and water. This kit should be left in an area that is easily obtainable as you run out the door.

This weekend I spend the time in collecting all the food supplies you would need for this kit. There is so much that you can put into your kit. There I am standing in the isle of the food section pondering how chicken tortellini soup would taste cold. Darn, Chee does not eat chicken. Then I look at the vegetable soap and it does not look appetizing, but hey when you are hungry anything taste good. I collected several items in my cart and went to the check out, there the nice guy put it in some nice bags and I walked out of the store lugging these heavy can items. Brain fart, geese these are heavy and not practical to carry out of the house and head to who knows where. So it is back to the drawing board on this one. I was searching on line for pre-package food that you add water to and waa-laa, Beef stew. Yum that sounds good oh wait, Chee doesn’t eat beef. The vegetable stuff looks gross. Then the light bulb goes off in my head. You have to lug around a lot of water for this type of food. Ugh! Power bars yeah those are small and light enough to carry around. Yeah that’s it, 72 hours of power bars for three. Gees, I hope those things taste good. I have to watch the expiration date and keep rotating these things out. Only problem, no one in our house eats power bars. So I will go back to my canned items a buy a rolling backpack. This 72-hour kit thing is really difficult to put together. Also you have to remember to add to your kit clean uddies and a change of clothes. I keep thinking that it is really important to be prepared. So I suck it up and prepare grudgingly. Why can’t we live in a world were, organizations would have kits put together for us and all we have to do is show up? Yeah in my dreams!