Five foods that would be heaven

Bread pudding with light rum sauce, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce
Nordstrom Café Walnut Creek, CA

Fried Bananas with coconut Ice cream
Berkeley Thai House, Berkeley CA

Fresh stuffed trout, The trout is stuffed with crab and rice sort of mixture. That was years ago, but I can still remember how good it tasted.
Tree Room Restaurant at the Sundance Ski resort in Utah

Pancakes that are golden brown with warm maple syrup. I go all over the place testing their pancakes so far I like Denny’s and Copper Skillet. The nicer breakfast places don’t really put their emphasis on pancakes

Fresh fall honey crisp apple with whole lightly salted cashews eaten, in the following order apple, cashew apple, cashew…
I get my fresh apples from the farmer’s market. The apple man brings in these little apples that are so fresh. Too bad the apples don’t help his attitude with regards to different cultures. But heck, I’ll over look his stupidity for the nice apples he produces, and at the same time keep searching for a new apple seller.