Today the general manager actually talked to me. Which really baffles me to the max. My tiny hole in the middle of the office (cube) sits kitty corner to her office. On the day when she is scheduled for an office visit she comes in like a queen doing the odd wave and a chipper hello. Some mornings I get a feminine grount and sometimes I get a forced hello. I don’t work for this company, I am a contract employee. My company is out of Sacramento area. So I fiqured that had something to do with the cold and clammy responses.

This morning she walked in, with all her royal New York glory and actually entered my hole in the middle of the office and said Good morning Luna. I was shell shock and mumbled how are you this morning? She said I would like to invite you to join everyone on Friday for breakfast here at the office. Oh, I said thank you very much for the invite I would love to attend. That was that and I went back to my kick in the butt job. Fifteen minutes later I feel someone pull on my earring. Now you could say, how did you not know someone was entering your little hole in the middle of the room. Well with several radios blaring, other employees discussing someone who got a lip job, and me doing the basic data entry junk, I was clueless. The general boss was looking at my earring and commenting, that she loved them. She was asking me all about my earring. I have wore these little beauties I got from April Cornell’s store closing sale for .99 cents may of times. She went on for a few minutes with comments and left.

Well knock me senseless. What makes today so different from other days. If she is there tomorrow I bet things will go back to post today.