Today in Large headlines in the New York Times it reads
Lionel Richie Gets his Groove Back.
Well Lionel just released his new album on Tuesday.
Big Sis and I were having a discussion about the Richies this weekend.
I started the conversation by saying Nichole used to be so cute.  I thought she was better looking than Paris.  But now she kind of resembles hum, well, a Skelton with skin. I saw a recently episode Simple Life.  Oh my, she has become super vulgar, offering herself up for any man for the taking.  Well, if you are into skeletons, I guess by all means go ahead.   Anyway, I always get off on tangents.  In an interview she said that her dad Lionel and her have the best relationship ever.  They are so close. She tells him everything.  Lionel agreed with that, adding that she is so explicit with her sexual escapades.  He said that he loves his daughter and is very happy re kindling their father daughter relationship.
Ok, I am a normal Joe here, and my rocket brain tells me something is very wrong about this Richie father-daughter relationship.
First of all, who tells their father about their sex life?  No one I really know.  Although Big Sis says that some father’s wait anxiously to hear of their sons personal escapades
Lionel spent his time advancing his career.  He did not have time of Nichole when she was growing up.  She claimed that she craved her dad’s attention.
Lionel fame when on a down hill slide, while Nicole all of a sudden became and over night sensation.   Is it a coincident that they rekindled their relationship when the see saw tipped the opposite way?
My 5 cent advice.  Nicole, get a job at a 1-900 # porn chat line.  You will have people who will want to listen to you sexual escapades, and you get paid for it too.  Lionel just be a father to your daughter and seek to restart your career with a good press agent.