I’ve been watching House from the beginning of the series.  I always like the mystery illness that the four doctors work on every week.  Ok if you want to get technical, occasionally six doctors.  I get all excited when the patient enters the hospital ill, then almost dies with all the extensive test they do on the patient; then the patient takes a turn for the better and is cured.  All this happens in one hour some times it takes two episodes to come up with the answer.  I always marveled at the intelligence these doctors have, spewing out information liked a well-oiled computer.  All these doctors hovering around House like he is a God.  If he says jump, they look at him like he’s crazy and they jump in unison.  If he says do a brain biopsy they argue about it and then they cracks open the patient’s brain.  Every week House gets more and more outrageous.  We the public sits on our comfortable couches eating it all up.  Why, do we like to see people torture die and then comeback to life?  I can only say why I like to watch the show.  Because I can pretend I am a doctor, answering questions and suggesting certain test to cure the patient.  I can do this in my living room, because House cannot belittle me and make me feel like a brainless ninnie.  But in true life when I did that I was reduced to being a speck on the floor.