Have you ever had one of those days were you wake up hungry and you remain that way all day. Today was on of those days. So I came home to grab a bite a before I started the pick up service job. (Where you pick up your child and drive her around to her various activities.) Big Sis was home when I arrived for my snack, and she said that a large limb from the tree in back yard just broke. I thought that was weird, my trees are healthy.
I am one of those people that believe every living thing can feel. You can’t just walk up to a tree and kick it, or rip a branch off of it just because you felt like it. How ever I don’t believe that you have to wait for the fruit to fall off a tree before you can eat it.
I went out to the back yard to check on Mr. O Pear tree. One of the highest branches just broke right about 10 inches from where it branched off. It was hanging there. Great, I though, how are we going to get that to come off. Big Sis and I discussed a rope as a tool. I did not have time to do that, I had to go and do the pick up stuff. I was already heading to the car and Big Sis said that she wanted to come along. When Big Sis got to the car she told me the Manager of the Apartments that are right behind our fence and the President of the Assoc. were looking at my tree and told Big Sis that we had to take care of that in a timely manner because it was a safety issue. What I said, that just happened 1/2 hour ago? Then Big Sis launched into an explanation that the Manager of the apartments and another guy just happened to be standing on the other side of my fence right by the tree when the branch just broke. Lets see this does not take a brain scientist to figure this out. I pull out my little cell and called the Association President and I told him exactly what I thought happened. During the conversation the Association President told me that the Apartment manager said, that he was trimming plants behind my fence when suddenly my tree branch broke.
I am going to say this, that stupid idiot liar Apartment Manager broke my tree branch purposely, because it was hanging over the apartment’s property. Then he has the gall to tell us to take care of the mess, while dragging the Association President into it.
When we got home, we three girls got a rope and pulled down the branch and spend a good couple of hours sawing and cleaning up my poor vandalized innocent tree. Then I gave the tree some vitamins in water because it was probably in shock.