You have heard of people being born under a lucky star?

I think I was born under a weird star.

Today I was coming down a hill, a garbage truck passed me in opposite lane going up the hill. Next thing I know there was a car coming right at me. This Joe decided to past the garbage truck, but did not figure on me being in that lane. I ended up in the ditch and he just looked at me with a sheepish grin and drove on.

A lady at work,was not feeling well and she came to work late. This is not her first time doing that or her last. I do that and the boss is on me a like bees to Kentucy fried chicken.

Another lady only uses Caps when she types at work. They asked her not to and she said that was how she types. They just accepted it.

I was in the department store returning an item. The lady in front of me was also returning an item. Her’s was definitely worn and washed, no tag and all she had was her old credit card statement. The sales lady just took it back without a word. My returns always have to be in perfect shape with the tags still on it and the sales slip in the bag, or else they would not accept it back .

I’ll be looking around for some sales clerk to help me, and all of a sudden a lady will walk into the department and out of thin air a nice sales clerk ask her if she needs any help. In which she replies yeah, I am looking for …

I have had several friends try on-line dating. They have corresponded with “the” guy and end up in very successful relationships. These friends are all relentless in urging me to sign up, and I do and nothing ever happen.

There is more …

But on the other hand I have two of the most wonderful daughters you could imagine,

and a great Mom who came over and cooked us seafood soup today.

I want to know has anyone out their felt like there star is weird?