Had a fun filled weekend in Southern Calif.  We so needed the get away.  On the way back this morning I thought I could just stay here, why should I go home? Then I remember the stray cat we take care of, and the two birdies that Mom is bird sitting.

We went boating, beaching, shopping, eating, shopping, Disneying and visiting odd family members.  The seven hours plus drive back we talked about our favorite part of the trip.  Every one said it was the little paddleboat we rented and paddle around Balboa harbor with the big boats whipping by waving warm greetings.  What I really enjoyed were the nice people we met.  From the lady who gave me a free hair trim, to a man with a parrot on a boat, or the really friendly sales person who just wanted to share ideas.  I must say that the people we met were some of the nicest I have had the opportunity to run into for a very long time.  It renewed my thoughts, yeah there are really wonderful people out there.

Now we are home, and the washer and dryer are going, plants are all watered, house is being picked up cat is fed and talked to the birdies are biting and we are back to grind of life.

It is good to have a small vacation, just to be spoiled and enjoy life from a different perspective.