I went to work today.  That was a great accomplishment.
I sat down in my cube.  That was a great effort.
I looked at the pile of work.  I crack a fake smile.
I turned on my computer.  My first attempt at work.
I got up and headed for the door.  A strong magnet pulling me away to sanity
I am one of those people who cannot stand to do the same thing day in and day out. I always marvel at people who come in a sit at their desk and do nothing, day in and day out.  I wish I had that kind of commitment.
I went back to my desk and sat for the next 4 hours doing straight data entry.
The radio kept me sane and then there is the guy with the nice bum who asked me a question.  Well, it is not all that bad.  You just close your eyes and pretend that you are someplace over the rainbow.

While we were down in So Cal we ate at a Persian restaurant.  Chee had this green stew, with rice.  I had chicken kabobs with rice and Big Sis had beef kabobs.  Ex husband had tomatoes and cucumbers with roasted peppers and onions, his two girls had the same thing as big sis did. It was voted the best restaurant in Orange County. It was one of those meals that gave you the worst acid in digestion, and breath.

It could of been worst.  A koala bear cub eats his Mama’s droppings right from the source.

The day before we had a snickers bar cheesecake at the Cheese Cake Factory.  Now that was one of those die and gone to heaven goodie.  The Santa Fe salad was excellent too.