This evening I had a hankering for the yellow curry at this Thai restaurant in WC.
So we grabbed our purses and went down town.  We were walking by the Star Bucks on Main Street and Duncan Street.  The reason why I was so specific is because there is a Star Buck Coffee shop on every corner, nook and cranny in WC.  Once I wanted a pumpkin scone and went to every single Star Bucks in the down town area and they were all sold out, that is probably because they are so good.
Mom went into this particular Star Bucks and we waited outside.  I was looking in the window at this man inside of Star Bucks.  I swear that guy was Lyle Lovette.  No other guy could look like him, the same weird hair, and unusual features.  I turned to Big sis and said Lyle Lovette is in Star Bucks.  I don’t think she believed me, cause she kept talking. When Mom came out she said,  “Guess who’s is in Star Bucks, Lyle Lovette!”  “He just walked into the bathroom.”  Oh my gosh, Lyle pees at Star Bucks.  Wooow!!!
We continued walking down the street to the Thai restaurant discussing just what Julia Roberts saw in Lyle.