Last night we stayed up and watched the Teri Irwin’s interview by Barbara Walters.  After 40 minutes of the interview I turned it off.  Why? Because, every question Barbara asked she did not really let Teri completely answer, and Teri broke down in tear so often, it was heart wrenching.  I went to bed thinking that Teri is so distraught and suffering greatly. I kept thinking about her and the children wishing there was something that could be done to help her.  Big sis told me that a popular Australian persona Ray Martin interviewed Teri.  She said that it was a superior interview.  So today, I Googled the interview.  I must say it painted a whole different picture of Teri situation.  Yes she morns her husband and she did at times become moved with tears, but as a whole she is a strong women with a purpose to carry on the plight of animal conservation.
The interview brought out that Steve Irwin knew that his life was not going to be a long one.  He prepared her and their daughter with this revelation.  He made arrangements for their estate, so Teri would not have to worry about running the business and money issues.   He lived each day to the fullest with tireless energy.  She talked about their fun life and humorous times and Ray Martin did not interrupt, but once and he apologized.  The whole interview gave me a sense of peace.
This got me to thinking.  How much can we believe of what we see on these 20/20 and Date Line kind of shows?  There is so much cutting an editing, that we are left with what’s sensational.  When I was in England and watch the TV news, it seemed like the public got a more rounded coverage of the news.  We here in US get a sliver of what really is happening.
This morning I turned on the news before work to see if the world blew up.
On every single station that had the news running for the 15 minutes I watched, they reported the opening of Bloomingdale’s in SF on Market Street where the old Emporium was intermixed with the war in Middle East.  Now pardon me are those the only things going on in this world?