October 2006

All Hallows = Halloween

All Hallows was the Celtic New Year. Samhain was the beginning of winter and celebrated as the New Year. (Don’t break out the champagne and party hats yet.)

The Celtics believed the Samhain was considered a very magical time when the dearly departed (dead) walked among the living. From October 31- November 2 the Celtic’s consider this time as an in-between time, no time. During these dates it was like a party at the Castro. Men and women dressed unusually, practical jokes were played, and children went from door to door asking for sweet breads nut and fruit. There are several versions, of the reason that costumes were worn.

1. Costumes were worn to scare the dead away

2. Costumes were worn as part of the celebration of the festivals

3. Costumes were a form of practical jokes

These in-between days were the time the dead would pass from this world to the next. The departed were not feared by the public, but were honored in this celebration. It was believed the veil was thin between the living and the departed. At this time one could pick up some valuable information from the departed.

A turnip would be carved and candle placed inside, it was believed that the candle would burn longer; this was used during the nights of the celebration.

Later when the European immigrated to the US a pumpkin took the turnips place.

The Catholic Church entered the scene during the 5th century. They adopted the day November 1 st as All Hallows Eve. The day the Saints were honored. People would go door to door and offer prayer to the family for sweet cakes. They believed the dead were in limbo at this time and the prayers would help the departed transition to the next world. If they were denied a treat, no prayer was offered and it was considered bad luck for their loved ones.

Now when those little ones ring the doorbell and you’re dropping the treats into their cute little bags you know just how All Hallows- Hollow-e’-en – Halloween started. In olden days, adults went out trick or treating too. So if you feel inclined grab your pillowcase and call me, we’ll head out together


This weekend we checked out haunted houses.  Through the magic of the Internet, a few creative and kind families put on a haunted house for the public.  On Saturday we went to the Cursi Haunted House in Concord.  We were ushered into the garage and seated by some pretty creepy creatures, and waiting our turn to enter.  Once inside a man in a space- suit was sprawled out on the floor.  I guess hazardous gas.  No I did not eat any bean burritos before entering.  Next thing I know the space man was grabbing our legs and got up and chased after us.  I grabbed big sis and threw her towards the space man and we ran out of the room into another room with hanging mummies.  Mean while the strobe lights are full force.  Next we entered into a colorful polka dot room, ooow pretty! A polka dot man came through the wall and scared the hee-bees out of me.  We walked out to an open space where a nurse was on a table with an electric saw dangling over her.  A doctor submerged from around the corner where a BBQ was taking place, a BBQ of body parts.  Yuk!  We were invited to part take, and given little packages of dental floss just in case parts got stuck in our teeth. A little boy in a scary costume gave us a poster of a horror movie.  All in all this was an excellent production.
On Sunday we went out to a Haunted House in Walnut Creek.  This one was out in the boonies, that was eerie being so dark and all.  I did not really want to go.  We walked up to the house and the family was not ready for us.  The father asked us to hold on and I just wanted to leave.  He came backed and asked us to come over so he could try out his guillotine on us, we declined. Then he proceeded to sharpen his ax on an electric sharper.  OK really creepy.  We watched his daughter enter a box and turn into a skeleton, dance and then turn into a skeleton.  Next, we were ushered into a room where there was a laboratory; it was very hard to see.  The man offered Chee a small beaker of liquid to drink.  Chee put it up to her lips and I almost had a cow.  Luckily she did not drink it.  The man told her to keep it, and use it.  It is a love potion.  Give it to the person you love and make sure after they drink it, you are the first person they look at.  Chee took the bottle.  How do you tell your teenage daughter to give the man back his stuff right in front of him? We fumbled through dark spaces tripping over stuff and all you hear was rustling then someone would jump out and scare you.  I was so glad when it was over.  It was not done very well, but it creeped the bee-gee-bers out of us.  They asked for money, which was weird, because the website said it was free and fun. (False advertising, not fun or free) We dropped what $ we had in our pocket and left really fast.  Yes, never to return.

This morning while trying to work up a sweat, I had the TV on to keep me company.  Sometimes it makes the time go by faster.  They had a piece on why American use to much gas and what you can do to cut down the amount of gasoline usage.  They showed a bunch of overweight people getting into their cars and driving off.  I’m thinking along the lines oh yeah, they want us to start walking or use public transportation.  Wrong….
Because Americans are so overweight we use more gas… So this is another campaign to make us feel horrible about ourselves.  It was not enough that they brainwashed us to believe in order to be beautiful you must be skinny.  Not to mention that the size 12 several years ago is now the XXX Large.  I think it is a little odd that the media is preaching to us to lose weight and almost every other advertisement on TV is about luscious, creamy, better tasting, 30 % more product for your money, in your face…FOOD.
Ok, there is a hole in that segment they did this morning on fat people = more gasoline use.  What about CARPOOLS? Do we stop carpooling, cause all those people in one car = Weight galore = wasting gas?  Yeah, researchers of these clips, we are not all gullible… We have brains with our slightly enlarged waistlines.

Help wanted…
NASA Seeks Volunteers to Spend 3 weeks in Bed.
Compensation: $6,100 for 41-day study
NASA Space Center is conducting experiments on counteracting the effects of weightlessness. This is to simulate a zero gravity environment.
All you have to do is lie down for three weeks in bed with your feet about five inches higher than your head.  You will have to eat propped up on your elbow, use bedpans and shower lying down on a waterproof bed.
Caution, this simulation can cause weaken muscles and bone.
But wait, you get a little excitement every day; a one-hour ride on a centrifuge bed that spins about 30 times a minute to simulate gravity.
Guess what, NASA needs 30 people to conduct the study; unfortunately they only have 10 people.
So if you have a 3-week vacation coming up and cannot decide what to do, and you just want to rest and relax.  Check out the NASA offer.  To sweeten the pot you get paid.

I was away for a few days.  It was sure a treat.  I went to visit my cousins, aunt and uncle, in Salt Lake City.  The trip was really to see and enjoy my family.  That is exactly what I did. Thank you very much guys for everything, I really miss you.

I was driving in the car with Py and I said hey remember that song Clevon , by Elton John. Py looked at me like I just descended from another planet, yeah I nick named our other brother after the song Clevon. he said what…no La Loca, oops Luna that’s Levon. Oh well, anyway I think it’s religious song, I never knew Elton was religious This is the meaning of the song; this song depicts the United States after a holy war has occurred and a theocratic government has couped and taken power. Levon was on the side of the religious faction, which is why he named his child “Jesus.” Levon’s “war wound” was received during the war, and his son was born on Christmas Day during the peak of the war, when “the New York Times said God is dead, and the war’s begun.” Since Levon fought for the new religious government he receives special treatment; that is why Levon sends Jesus “To the finest school in town.” (Mike – Binghamton, NY). So we found the song and listened to all the words and for your enjoyment here they are ladies and gentlemen Mr. Elton John! Hey do you want to sing along with me?

Levon wears his war wound like a crown

He calls his child Jesus

'Cause he likes the name

And he sends him to the finest school in town

Levon, Levon likes his money

He makes a lot they say

Spend his days counting

In a garage by the motorway

He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day

When the New York Times said God is dead 

And the war's begun

Alvin Tostig has a son today

And he shall be Levon

And he shall be a good man

And he shall be Levon

In tradition with the family plan

And he shall be Levon

And he shall be a good man

He shall be Levon

Levon sells cartoon balloons in town

His family business thrives

Jesus blows up balloons all day

Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus

Leaving Levon far behind

Take a balloon and go sailing

While Levon, Levon slowly dies


Channel 76 the fitness channel. Because of the battle of the bulge, I arise every morning early to work out. I used to ride the bike or walk. But it is so dark now at that hour, so I resorted to the TV. I tried videos, belly dancing, modern type of dance and walking. I grew tired of those and tuned into the fitness channel. Every morning they feature a different exercise session from hip-hop, yoga, weight training, kicking boxing, dancing and the list goes on. They are really designed for those who have experience in that particular exercise. Stretching with some yoga was the last one I attempted. I felt pretty good while following along. But a few hours later I was in pain, my hip and lower back. I hope no one else hurts himself or herself trying to keep up with the cool, beautifully sculpture body of men and women wearing matching work out outfits.

All I can say is there is nothing like a good brisk walk and a wonderful ride on the bike.

But really what I love is a nice warm berry pie with vanilla ice cream. Fresh bake bread with a pad of fresh butter, a bag of cashews, or a Cadbury milk chocolate bar, oh heck I could go on forever. At last taboo, those goodies can only to be taken in moderation.

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