Dharma literally means order. It refers to the correct life path, even if you are destined to be poor by being rich you are causing disorder therefore breaking the rules of Dharma.

Karma states that one’s state in this life is a result of actions (both physical and mental) in past incarnations, and action in this life can determine one’s destiny in future incarnations.

So I think that this means, there is a path the one should follow. It is like a map, of your life, not really a detailed one. The first time I heard about Dharma was from a co-worker. She was born and raised in India. She had a a type of spiritual advisor, a guru. He told her when she was a teenager her path was to become a doctor. So she studied in India and became a doctor. Then her parents arranged a marriage for her to a man in California on a work visa he too was from India. Long story short she is now living here and working in a assisted living facility as a manager over the dementia unit. She talks to her guru twice a year. So she became a doctor in India and isn’t able to practice here in US. She was talking about getting her LVN. How far away is she from her Dharma / map? What happens if you are not on the path? I wanted to ask her what her guru said about her current situation. But, I usually only listen to what someone will tell me, verses ask them questions that could make them squirm. As I look at many cultures they all have very similar beliefs, all manifesting into different forms.

I have always had a tough time deciding what, where and how I should lead my life. I know many people look for help wether through spiritual, astrology, palm reading, cards, sixth sense etc. It really helps the individual even if it goes beyond what one may reason to be true or right. I honestly believe every individual needs guidence