Well now that the new fall season has started on TV. I have somewhat planted myself to the couch to see if there are any new shows that can get hooked on. What I have observed is somewhere some how something went wrong. May be Mr. and Mrs. Censor retired and they are trying to fill the position.
To begin with the writers have super overactive perverted imaginations. Some of the investigative police, lawyers shows have come up with cases that are so scary, I don’t like to see bodies that are so mutilated, bloody or covered with bugs. I have to watch something Disney like just so I don’t feel disturbed, or dream about it all night long. I don’t like to see people puke, now they show this stuff all the time, it is standard. I don’t like when they tell us step by step how some murdered planned and executed their crime. I think that educates the average Joe on how to commit a crime and get away with it. The cute little comedy shows are so full of who will have sex with whom and how. I keep turning it, cause I am embarrassed. I mean I don’t purposely go around in real life looking for couples that are making out heavily. I say couples because it is not longer boy and girl; it’s girl and girl, boy and boy.
The other day I was rounding the corner of our complex and one of our neighbors had just come back from a camping trip. She had her little son running around, and her girl friend had her son in the car, when all of a sudden the girl friend grabbed my neighbor and pulled her towards her and they passionately kissed. Ugh! That vision remained in my head for a long time. I tried to convinced myself, hey I’ve seen that on TV or in movies, but then I remember, yeah I kind of looked down to the ground, suddenly fascinated with what garbage would be lurking by my feet.
What is up with people belittling each other all the time, face to face, or behind their backs? That is what the sit com characters do. I am suppose to believe that belittling others is the standard now for any normal conversation.
I find myself watching discovery channel, educational channel, public broadcast, AMC. You would think with all my complaints I would just donated the TV to a thrift shop. Nah, I have Netflicks and old movies that I rent from the library. If you know of any new shows that are good, please share.