Who came up with this idea?
Today I was invited to lunch with the three RN’s. I was so excited to go, I mean to actually leave my cubical for more than 15 minutes is a much welcomed thought, and of course a free lunch.  We ended up at Applebee’s, home of the fried pickles.  I had my favorite Chicken Chinese salad it is so yummy.
The conversation was about pets, hair color, husbands, getting old and interjections of how much knowledge one has of the human body, diseases and injuries. As usual, I briefly interjected with giggles and acknowledgements.  Why is it people have this great desire be so competitive, and out do each other?
Later I asked the supervisor if there was a reason why I could not play with the big girls.  Meaning, why I could not do the same work as the RN.  The supervisor said that I have limited knowledge as a LVN compared to RN.   In the conversation it was brought out that she had two LVN’s working in the same positions as the RNs.  She said that the LVN’s had the experience.  I said well how do you get experience doing this.  She said by working in that field.  Ah-ha.  This is a dead end conversation that basically ended up with me feeling that LVN is actually the initials for Little Peed on Nurse.
What is there a need to feel so superior? I think in the future I will l stay in my little cubical and resist the temptation of a free lunch with the RNs.