I am always excited when something is recommended, especially a book.
The Ruins was the summer hottest read.
I had to read this book, because they did a segment on the early morning show, on the popularity of this book, it is an interesting you cannot put down.
I contemplated buying the book, and decided to be cheap and check it out from the library.
The book starts out really hooking you in. The author is talented.  About 1/2 way into the book, it starts to lag and page after page got a little too predictable.  I found myself skipping paragraphs and doing the “Evelyn Speed Read “ thing.  I even heard myself saying this book is definitely written by man.  Needless to say I did not like the book and would not recommend it.
Here is a hypothetical question.  If you were in Mexico, and over heard a private conversation of an interesting ancient site, well off the beaten path.  You decide to go and see this ancient site with your travel companion.  You catch a bus and go miles and miles away from any civilization.  You get off the bus and it is so hot that your skin burns. You hire a man to drive you deeper into the woods and the man in very broken English tells you not to go, he’ll take you someplace else.  He drops you off and begs you not to go.  You have to hike an additional 12 miles in the heat to this place.  No one, nothing around.  You come across a Mayan tribe and ask directions and they ignore you.   You continue on, when you see one of the Mayan men running after you from the tribe warning you not to go any further, actually he begs you, in his native tongue.  You get the idea of what he is saying. What would you do?