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1. I am a mama to two beautiful girls.

2. I am single, because I think I have a fear that if I found another man, he would be like the others. You know what they say? One is always attracted to the same type of man. I really don’t like my taste of men.

3. I am lactose intolerant.

4. I love to bake any thing. It is fascinating to me that you can mix the same ingredients in different order and have such a different out come.

5. I am a picky eater

6. I hate onions.

7. I love cashews and most nuts


8. I love the wind.

9. I always say when I grow up I am going to be….

If I can psycho analyze that I would say I’m not happy with my profession.

10. I love to draw, and make jewelry

11. If my brothers ever ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I always say JEWELRY!

12. I like to have two places in the house the will remain clean, my side of the bathroom, and the front room. It does not always happen, and I get upset, and the girls just look at me and shake their heads, like I’ve lost it.

13. I like to spend little time on my hair, makeup, and clothes and still look good

14. I love to shop

15. I would like to go to Greece, France, for the historical interest, and Vermont in the fall,


16. I love Sci-fi; bring on Battle Star, X-files, 4400 and so much more.

17. I am a movie lover, especially period pieces.

18. I like to listen to an Irish, English or Scottish person talk.

19. I like little old houses with character. One day I will buy one.

20. I love animals: I have two birds and a stray cat. One day I would like to have a horse, cow, dog, cat and etc.

21. I like to do several things at once. I cannot just sit and watch TV; I have to do something else to

22. I don’t like wearing tight clothes.

23. I like road trips

24. It is easier for me to befriend a man than a woman.

25. I go out of my way to not hurt peoples feelings

26. I love to bike and take long walks