This story starts a long time of ago.  Our father had this thing about watching where you walk.  He would spy dog pooh from a mile away.  He would then give us ample warning, for example, dog pooh ahead 1/4 mile on the left side of the sidewalk right next to the thing. (He would always say thing, when he was referring to objects places and etc. Get that thing, or go to the thing and buy that thing and put it in that thing. We became excellent at figuring out what the thing was.) Back to the story…
We would all progress together and then he would grab who ever was approaching the dog pooh first jerk us away, with such excitement in his voice, yelling watch out for that dog pooh.  When his back was turned we would laugh and later we would mimic him.  As years passed by I did that with my girls and my brothers would sometimes do it to me; then we’d all have a real good laugh.
I walk a lot and always look to the ground instead of up or forward.  It is because I picked up my fathers habit.  I have a phobia of walking across lawns.  I imagine stepping on dog pooh. So I always try and avoid lawns,
When walking, I always spot nails or sharp objects.  I run over and pick it up and throw it away in the trash, or into the bushes. The good tire fairy makes me do it…

I think about my father and all his idiosyncrasies.  When we were kids we took them so seriously, but as we grew older there is so much humor in those things he did. I suppose my kids will laugh at my lawn phobia, and picking up nails, inventing new words, having conversations with myself, and many more strange things I do which I hold secret cause you would think I had a screw loose somewhere in my vast brain matter.