Big sis is at the age where her friends are having babies. Right now having a baby is in style. Big sis is a little too busy in school and career thoughts for that yet. She has gone to several baby showers or had to shop for baby presents this year. I always get to go along, on these expeditions cause Big sis isn’t really into shopping that much. We enter the store and check the computer where the mother- to- be is registered. Well, I remember when it was only wedding registries. We search through the endless list of things the mother and father wants. I know I am stretching it a little when I say the father’s want. I haven’t really seen a whole lot of fathers out there shopping for baby clothes. I am amazed at the stuff they pick out for their babies. The first thing that goes is the inexpensive things. By the time Big sis gets around to shopping the big and costly things are the only ones left. I always wonder how many strollers’ does one baby need, or car seats, or baby carriers? Why do you need a bassinette and a crib at the same time? I used to borrow the bassinette from others friends who already had babies. Baby monitors with TV ? Ok that is a little too high tek or me. Big sis said when she gets to the showers they have a whole room dedicated to the presents. The mother- to -be sits and opens gifts for hours. But wait there isn’t just one baby shower no there are more; one for the work friends, one for the close friends, and one for the family members. What ever happened to inviting all those people to one baby shower?
This newest gift Big sis is shopping for is very specific. The couple has decided they don’t want gender specific clothes for their baby, which is a girl. Humm. Why not I wonder. I mean one time when Big sis was little someone gave me a blue outfit for her before she was born. After she arrived I put it on her and took her for a walk. Everyone said, oh what a cute baby boy you have. When she was dressed her in yellow or green everyone, would say what a cute baby boy you have. That was when I retired those clothes and just put on the colors speific for her gender. It really bugged me that people though she was a he.
Thinking about a room full of gifts for a baby and several parties make me wonder just how much stuff does one little baby need? All mine had were the basics and they turned out ok. Do these parents realize that their child is only a baby for a short period of time?